How Etsy and Pinterest have spawned the microshop business

November 1st 2015
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Wiltshire’s lifestyle boom

Thanks to social networking and online selling platforms for smaller scale entrepreneurship, running a micro-business is becoming big business in Wiltshire…

In this article:

  • Read about people in Wiltshire who have turned their passion into award-winning thriving businesses, and find out how you can do the same.
  • Our top tips for growing your business with the help of social media

From the cobbled streets of Marlborough, to the gentle slopes of Malmesbury, Wiltshire is a great place for shopping for unique and unusual treasures, be it antiques and art, or fashion and food.

But while the historic towns compete with dedicated modern outlets and high streets, there are also hundreds of hidden 'micro-businesses' in the county, nestled away out of plain sight, and equally dedicated to providing a modern and intimate hit of retail therapy.

Kitchens, garden sheds, cellars and living rooms have become highly individual places of commerce, where creative minds have turned hobbies and interests into satisfying and lucrative international successes.

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Clare Barker
Etsy has over 50 million members, Pinterest boasts 100 million users, and Facebook over one billion.
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