Digital Wiltshire - the secret power in this green and pleasant land?

October 1st 2015
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Wiltshire’s Digital Powerhouse

Digital excellence no longer lives in the city. In Wiltshire, local partners are investing heavily in creating an industry-leading digital landscape that enables a perfect work-life balance.

In this article:

  • Find out who is behind the digital revolution in Wiltshire, and how your business can become an example of digital excellence
  • Our top tips for developing your digital business

Think of Wiltshire and what springs to mind? Rolling meadows, leafy lanes, heritage architecture and village life. But take a look beyond the rural idyll and you will find a hive of local businesses working at the forefront of the global digital community.

From creative independents to government departments, cloud hosting services and new digital learning programmes, digital Wiltshire is one of the UK’s best kept business secrets. But this looks set to change.

Through diligent advice, funding and steering, Wiltshire’s digital community is thriving and growing quicker...

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If you are a niche supplier, or you work in digital, as long as you’re up there with the best in your industry, there’s no reason you can’t succeed nationally or internationally, wherever you’re based.
Paul Goodenough
CEO and Founder of Aerian

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