Managing Staff

Every business needs an efficient, reliable and skilled workforce. There are many resources, schemes and incentives to help businesses recruit, employ and develop their people. has an employment and skills section that sets out essential information on recruiting and training staff, especially for the first time.

Find out more: or call 0300 4563565.

The Business Support Helpline T: 01225 402096 can also help provide advice on this issue.

find jobs

Universal Jobmatch

Free online system which matches candidates to jobs. Businesses can advertise jobs and search for jobseekers whose CVs match their needs.

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ACAS Model Workplace

ACAS offer leadership and management advice on how to engage staff and build up a business


Employer Ownership of Skills

This fund offers employers in England direct access to public investment to design and deliver their own training solutions.


Employer Investment Fund

This fund, led by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, has supported 87 projects.

employment allowance

Employment Allowance

Small Business employers can get £2,000 by claiming this relief on National Insurance bills.

Employment Allowance is for nearly all employers that pay Class1 National Insurance contributions on their employees' and directors' earnings.This includes:

  • businesses
  • charities

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Grants of £1,500 are available to a business taking on an apprentice for the first time.

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Small Business Recruitment Service

Government service which provides individual support for small businesses, including:

  • A helpline with specialist advisers who understand small businesses' recruitment needs
  • Help with the design and wording of job vacancies to ensure that businesses get the best person for the job
  • Signposting to other types of support (eg. ACAS for employment legislation issues)
  • A contact who can advise on the local labour market
  • An aftercare service to ensure business continue to get the service they need after they've recruited someone

Find out more and use the service:

  • Telephone: 0845 601 2001(option 2)
  • Textphone: 0845 601 2002
  • Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm
  • Alternatively, for details of local support call 01225 355553


Online learning from ACAS

Ten free online courses that provide advice on employment issues.


Training in people management and disputes

Discover the range of courses relating to employment that are available from ACAS.


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