02 March 2017

Outward looking Growth Hubs building on local strengths and fosteringenterprise

2 March, 2017

The Growth Hub team recently held one of its quarterlynetwork events with the aim of engaging with Local EnterprisePartnerships (LEPs) and Growth Hubs to gain their viewson the Industrial Strategy and Entrepreneurship Review. The event, heldon Tuesday 28 February, heard from LEPs and Growth Hubs that stretch fromCornwall to the North East of England.

Growth Hubs build on local strengths and fosters enterprise to ensureevery place meets its potential. They do this by working with businessesacross England helping them to start, thrive and grow, providing independentand trusted business support which is focussed firmly on the business customer. GrowthHubs are public and private sector partnerships locally driven and owned byLocal Enterprise Partnerships.

Over 130 delegates including a number of LEP Chief Executives and BoardMembers were present at Tuesday's event, as well as national partners from DIT,HMT, Innovate UK and HMRC. Other organisations such as the BritishChambers of Commerce, ICAEW and the British Business Bank alsoattended. Working with partner organisations plays a vital role indelivering the best service to business customer as the Growth Hubs are aneffective England-wide network for piloting new policy areas, helping withbusiness recovery following major disruption and gathering local intelligence.

Small Business Minister, Margot James provided the keynote addresshighlighting the importance of ensuring that the UK continues to be a greatplace to start and grow a business and that the LEPs and Growth Hubs areworking to drive forward this agenda. She advised that small businessesmust have an environment where they can continue to thrive highlighting theoutstanding work carried out by Local Enterprise Partnerships and Growth Hubs.

The Minister acknowledged that Growth Hubs are at different stages ofdevelopment and was impressed by what had been achieved to date in:

  • supporting over 407,000 businesses;
  • delivering intensive support to more than 32,700 businesses, and;
  • helping create 2,200 mentoring and business-to-business relationships.

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