What's your strapline and why do you need one?

Autumn / Winter 2016
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Injecting Marketing “Know How” into your business to drive growth is an exciting prospect for any entrepreneur...

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  • Why you need a Marketing Strategy
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Jess Pitman
Great marketing makes your customers feel something, hopefully something positive; resulting in sales, loyalty and engagement. Marketing today has to be creative, valuable and it shouldn’t feel like marketing.
Jess Pitman
Marketing manager SWGH

But they have a strong argument. If you don’t have a market, where do you take your business?

But the obvious next question is: what marketing tools do you employ?

A direct mail campaign? An attempt to attract the enormous global audience of the internet? Guerrilla marketing? A social media experiment? TV advertising? It’s hard to pick the best marketing solution for your company.

Digital marketing...

Using advanced digital technologies, the future looks particularly bright for content driven marketing, enhanced with bolt-on services to drive web traffic. Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts mean you get a detailed picture of your potential customers. Recall, where adverts are presented to an online customer who has searched for something similar in the past, are something you will have noticed yourself when shopping online… So why not use yourself it as an online business tool?

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