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Whether you're an established international trader or starting out, we've got consultants and experts waiting to help you strategise and grow

Here's just some of the issues we can help with; Creating a market profile: What sort of market do you want? Consider size, accessibility, advanced, developing, emerging, economic status, language, logistics etc etc. 

Deciding what information you need, choosing your sources of information and crucially, getting the right expert help to support you along the way. The Swindon and Wiltshire Business Hub is here to support you through your journey into new and exciting markets.

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UK Trade and Investment (UKTI)

UK Trade & Investment should be a businesses first point of call for all exporters. It provides a comprehensive range of services and expert export advice, in the UK and overseas, helping businesses build & grow their international business.

Find out more: www.gov.uk/government/organisations/uk-trade-investment

Withover 2,400 staff across 100 key global markets, no other organisation is betterequipped to help connect your business overseas.

Through UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) you can gain accessto an abundance of services to help you with all aspects of your exportstrategy. Whether you are a first timeexporter or if you want to find new markets, UKTI is here to help.

We have experienced International Trade Advisers who willact as your guide to help develop your international business strategy, as wellas events, market research, training, webinars, trade shows and market visits; yourjourney will not be alone!

UKTIservices can open doors overseas to help you:

  • • Identify export opportunities
  • • Reach customers/business partners otherwisenot accessible
  • • Overcome barriers to market entry orexpansion
  • • Access powerful research to inform keydecisions
  • • Create and grow overseas marketing anddigital strategy
  • • Give you access to the Overseas BusinessNetwork
  • • Ensure you are equipped to deal with culturaland language differences

Ifyou are a First Time Exporter (FTE), we can provide the following services:

Ifyou are an SME already exporting, the following can help your export strategy:

We've helped 1000s of local businesses get started inexport or to grow their international trade activity.

A world of opportunities awaits... www.gov.uk/ukti

UKTI South West Regional Office

01275 370 944


Open to export

Open to export

Open to Export is a community driven service for small and medium sized businesses, looking for help and support in exporting from the UK and has been developed in partnership with UKTI and BIS.

Find out more: www.opentoexport

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Export Control

Export licences Find out which exports are controlled and therefore require an export licence; how to apply for one and what compliance responsibilities you as an export have:

For more details: wwww.gov.uk/beginners-guide-to-export-controls


UK Export Finance

For businesses planning to export goods or services from the UK then it is likely they will need some form of credit guarantee or insurance to protect against non-payment or other financial issues.

If a business can't get what it needs from the private market, UK Export Finance (UKEF) maybe able to help. They provide guarantees, insurance and advice in support of UK exports large and small. Working across a wide range of sectors, UKEF can consider support for exports to over 200 countries.

Find ot more:

HM Revenue and Customs

HM Revenue & Customs

HM Revenue & Customs provides assistance on matters relating to importing or exporting. Their guides on these subjects can be found in the Imports and Exports area of the GOV.UK website and provide assistance on a range of subjects from classifying goods to using online facilities.
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